Botanical extracts in agriculture admin Plantae Labs May 31, 2022
Botanical extracts in agriculture

What is the role of plant extracts in agriculture?

Plant extracts have been traditionally used for thousands of years and today we know that their effectiveness is due to a series of bioactive compounds that plants produce to grow properly and defend themselves against biotic or abiotic factors.

Therefore, it is observed that the application of these products has effects such as antifungal, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, biostimulant, or as an inductor of defenses of the plants themselves.

However, not all plant extracts are the same, since their effectiveness depends on a large number of factors, including the specie, organ of the plant or que solvent used in the extraction, the time of year, product formulation methods, the crop where it will be applied, among many others.

How does the agricultural industry benefit from these solutions?

The main benefit of using plant extracts is that they can be used as a replacement or supplement for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that are often harmful to humans and other living organisms. The use of plant extracts, allows growers to meet today´s challenges in crop production while reducing their impact on the environment. This translates into less pollution and fewer chemicals being released into our air, water, or soil. These types of products are highly valued, they constitute a new generation of products, without problems in the destination markets, eco-friendly and healthy, thus producing high-quality foods.

At Plantae Labs, we have the best tools for component identification, standardization, and formulation of plant extracts. Our ingredients are scientifically verified and used by more than 25 countries, thus proving their effectiveness.

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