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About Plantae Labs: Pioneering Sustainable Agricultural Production with GMP+ and OMRI Certified Products


We are a science-based company that has developed unique natural solutions based on botanical extracts, including Quillaja saponaria, for the animal feed and agriculture industries. By combining our in-depth knowledge of active compounds from the natural world with cutting-edge formulating technologies, we have been able to create the new generation of clean formulas and achieve consistent results for our customers. We have demonstrated in extensive field studies at world-class R&D centres that our proprietary ingredients can replace antibiotics, while at the same time maintaining comparable productive results.


We firmly believe that nature offers the best solutions. By applying delivery technologies used in the pharmaceutical industry, we can supply both animals and plants with all the power of nature’s active compounds – in the precise location, timing, and potency that is required.

Be part of this natural revolution and try our Plantae ingredients. Replace (or reduce) antibiotics or pesticides and move forward with a more natural method of food production.


Next-Generation of Quillaja Extract

Hans Konsens and Juan Jose Albarran founded Chile Botanics in 2011. The company is now a global leader in the production and commercialization of Quillaja Extract for the food & beverages, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. After a couple of years of research, they managed to improve the quality of the product while keeping the production process fully sustainable and consequently revolutionizing the Quillaja market with state-of-the-art processing technology. Chile Botanics went from an R&D start-up to a global leader in the industry in less than six years. In 2018, Naturex (part of the Givaudan Group) acquired 100% of Chile Botanics, and both founders sold their shares in order to pursue new adventures.

Two co-founders started Plantae Labs to combat the excessive use of antibiotics and synthetic pesticides in global food production, taking advantage of their in-depth knowledge of nature’s active compounds. Extensive research on the ability of botanicals to fight different types of illnesses in humans, animals, and plants made them realize the enormous potential of using this molecule to replace antibiotics in feed and synthetic pesticides in agriculture. By combining cutting-edge delivery technologies used in the pharmaceutical industry with different natural botanicals, they were able to create unique formulas that are potent, stable, and efficient. The animal and field studies showed revolutionary results.

Juan Jose y Hans

The Next-Generation of Quillaja products is here to support the animal feed and agriculture industries so food can be produced more naturally!


We have a solid industrial and R&D department.
Our Headquarters are situated in Santiago, Chile. We have R&D and quality control labs equipped with cutting-edge technology, which allows us to develop and quantify new natural formulas.

Our production facilities are situated in Los Ángeles, Chile, strategically located in an area with abundant Quillaja forest.

At our animal research center, located close to the factory, we carry out initial tests on our ingredients before sending them to the international R&D center to corroborate the results.

Our team of experts provides our customers with the best service and quality available in the market.

R & D Labs Santiago
Quality Controls Labs
Factory in Santiago
Poultry Antibiotic replacement
Animal Research Center

Meet the Team Behind Plantae Labs Success


Our team consists of passionate professionals with a broad area of knowledge. We have expertise in the supply chains, processing, formulation, and quantification of botanicals. Our vets, agronomists, and Engineers design studies and demonstrate the efficiency of our ingredients in commercial production.

Hans Konsens
Managing Director
Juan Jose Albarran
Managing Director
Sebastian Decap
Category Manager Feed
Rosa Navarro
R&D Manager
Sebastian Gonzalez Amat
Category Manager Plant Health
Ivania Cofre
QA & QC Manager
Hector Jaque
Operations Manager
Ricardo Gonzalez
Finance Manager

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